literature regarding our beliefs & structure

Church bylaws

These bylaws describe how our church is organized and how our leadership functions.

Biblical church leadership

What does the Bible teach about those who are to pastor the church? Does Scripture give a description of how biblical church leadership should look?

Gender roles in ministry

One question we hear is, "Do you believe women should be in ministry?" We answer, "Absolutely!" That usually triggers a clarification, "Yes, but do you believe that women should be involved in every area of ministry, even pastoring the church as one of the elders?" Read more here.


We are committed to the historic, evangelical Christian faith. This is a summary of our core beliefs.

Qualifications for elders

A description of the scriptural qualifications for elders

What do Elders do?

A job description for elders

Baptism Basics

A brief description of our beliefs on baptism.

Spiritual Gifts

We see no place where Scripture teaches that any of the gifts of the Holy Spirit have ceased and are no longer valid for the church. However, we believe that the practice of these gifts must be done in an intentionally biblical manner.


entering into God's rest: An exposition of Hebrews 4:9-13

An examination of what is meant by the "Sabbathrest" for the people of God.

From riches to rags: An exposition of Joseph and the wife of Potiphar from Genesis 39

Most people like "rags to riches" stories. This is a "riches to rags" account.

Holy Communion in the New Testament

There are at least five major images of Holy Communion in the New Testament: remembrance, sacrifice, thanksgiving, fellowship, and end times.

The meaning of baptism

An examination of the meaning and importance of baptism.

papers by Curt Parton

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