Frequently Asked Questions

what kind of church are you?

We are a fellowship of people from many different places and backgrounds who place our faith in Jesus Christ. We are evangelical and nondenominational. Our purpose as a church is to be a community of genuine followers of Christ, who reach up to Christ, reach in the word and reach out to others. 

is your church service in english?

how long is your service?

Yes, all of our services and ministries are in English. There are numerous Spanish-speaking churches in the area yet few ministries are available in English, so we are committed to ministering specifically to the English-speaking population.

Our services usually last about an hour and a half. For a more complete description of our time together, please click here.

how should i dress?

We have a fairly casual atmosphere here. Some like to wear their Sunday best and others come in shorts and sandals. We put more of an emphasis on why we're gathering together rather than what you should look like. Come as you are!

what style of music do you use?

You'll hear mostly contemporary praise music, but also a little of everything. We believe the church should be multi-generational, so we try to provide everyone with praise songs that "speak their language" so we can all join together in worshiping God through music.


do you have classes for kids?

Yes, we do! Each week we have groups for different ages.


what do you mean by nondenominational?

We don't follow a specific denominational tradition. We aren't exclusively Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, etc. We have people who come to our church from many different backgrounds and denominations. This kind of diversity can be challenging at times, but it can also help us be more balanced and complete as a church family. We find our unity in a common worship of Jesus Christ and a commitment to the Bible as the Word of God. We are an evangelical Christian church. To see more about what we mean by evangelical and a description of our core beliefs, click here.

are you associated with any other churches?

Yes, we are. We're a part of the Evangelical Free Church of America. The EFCA is an association of over 1,500 autonomous churches who fellowship and work together for the sake of our common Christian mission. To learn more about the EFCA, click here.

can i learn more about how to live as a follower of christ?

Absolutely! Our weekly disciple groups are the primary way we help each other be genuine followers of Jesus. They're a wonderful opportunity for us to live out our faith in real life and real relationship with each other. Click here for more information.

do you really have no walls?

That's right! We meet in our open-air Worship Pavilion that we rebuilt after Hurricane Maria.  Click here for more information about our rebuild project. But being a "church without walls" means more to us than merely having no physical walls. To us it means our church is not a mere building. Our church is the people and we strive to worship and show Christ everywhere we go.  We want to be a beacon of light in our community, in Puerto Rico, and throughout the world.